Turn your quarantine into a positive experience.

Turn your quarantine into a positive experience.

Enjoy 20% discount

We all had to make life changes due to the Corona virus that turned the world upside down. Some of us will enjoy the solitude, but others will not feel so happy staying at home deprived of work or socializing with family and friends. 

But we also can turn this unprecedented situation into a positive experience.

This can also be the time to strengthen the bound with your children by playing games, cooking and trying out new dishes. This can also be a time to start these creative projects you had in mind since a long time. Maybe you can do some projects together with your teens to get them off their computers and cell phones.

Since I realize that this isn't a happy situation for many of us I would like to help out by offering 20% off on your next purchase (this offer is valid until 3/31on orders of $26.00 min).

Please note: decreased prices will not be reflected on the website. Instead you will receive a partial refund after order is processed. 

Wishing you all the very best and stay healthy.

Regine Dossche

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