How to create a figurine with Powertex textile hardener?

How to create a figurine or garden statue with Powertex textile hardener?


  • 1/2 liter Powertex (bronze, bluish grey, terra cotta)
  • Powertex cotton (hair)
  • (optional Stockinette, a very stretchable cotton)
  • 100% cotton , half yard, or white t shirt
  • Latex disposable gloves
  • Scissor
  • Plastic worksheet to cover the table
  • Plastic container
  • Pedestal (wood, concrete,…) optional
  • Powertex offers beautiful bases for standing figures.


Make sure to shake the Powertex bottle before using.

ALWAYS stir well with a dowel, before pouring out the Powertex, for heavy pigments sink.In case you have some lumps after pouring out, add little warm water and stir with a whisk. 

Walking in the Storm - Powertex - Regine Dossche


Cut the cotton into approx. 10 strips of +/- 13” x 2”, one of 5” x 5” (to cover the head with) and 2 rectangular for the torso (back- and front).

Pour the desired Powertex into a plastic container in which you can work easily. Put on latex or vinyl gloves and dip a strip of fabric into the Powertex, squeeze out excess. When your strip has too much Powertex, take a second one; wrap it around the first one to absorb the excess. Do not work too wet, it must look mat.

wrapping a figurine with Powertex fabric hardener

We start by the end of the arm or the leg an pull a little. After this first wrapping it is ready to get dressed.

The possibilities are endless.



Stockinette is nice for a turban, a shawl or for more transparent clothes:

Wring out well, pull a little bit, so that the tiny holes remain open and are not clogged up with Powertex.


To make nice hair dip some Powercotton in the Powertex. Gently pull the tuft to the desired form. Finer strands can be pulled with a toothpick.

Sometimes the applied hair is too heavy. Use some plastic to keep it tight around the head and let sit for a while.

Lady with Baby - Powertex fabric hardener - Regine Dossche


To create a real Bronze effect, brush some Colortricx Bronze gold while still damp.

If Bronze gold is applied when the figure is dry,

Easy varnish or another medium is needed.

Once applied, Powertex begins to dry but remains flexible for hours, depending on room temperature. While it is in this flexible state Powertex can be draped andmanipulated in countless ways.


Once the treated item has been cured it will be hard and suitable for outdoor use.

Powertex Transparent is not weather resistant and HAS to be varnished. It can been made water repellent after applying two layers Easy Varnish.

Before applying the Easy Varnish, allow the Powertex to dry and harden for at least 2 weeks.

*To make a standing figure: drill a hole in a baseLady in Blue with Turban - Powertex textile hardener - Regine Dossche

(a wooden block etc) and insert a support rod that

will become part of one leg.

Or use one of the beautiful Powertex bases.

Secure one leg of the figurine at the rod with masking tape.

Continue wrapping the statuette with the Powertex strips... (as above).




IMPORTANT!!! Do not pour Powertex down the drain. While Powertex is water-based and non-toxic, it is made to cure rock-hard, and you don’t want it stuck in your plumbing. When dry, remaining solids can be discarded in trash can.