How to use Stone Art : air dry clay and textures on canvas

How to use Stone Art - Powertexcreations

Make air dry clay :

Pour equal amounts of Powertex Universal Medium and Stone Art into a container and mix by hand. Knead well and keep adding powder until you get a substance similar of bread dough. It should not stick to your fingers anymore and should be smooth to knead. This modeling clay dries by air.

This clay should be used within 1,5 hours if it’s exposed to the air. It can be kept for some time if placed in an air tight container.

Joy- sculpture in Powertex Bronze and Stone Art - Regine Dossche


Crackled clay with color pigments : 

Crackle clay with Powertex, Stone Art and color pigments - Powertexcreations

Make clay as described above. Press the ball of clay flat to a thickness of a half inch. Sprinkle assorted color pigments on top and rub into the clay (do this at both sides).                             

Take a bottle or a rolling pin and roll out




You will see crackles appear. Role always from the middle to the outside with a uniform pressure. Decorate your object with this clay or tear pieces of it an incorporate in your painting. Use Powertex as glue.


















Make crackled clay with Powertex, Stone Art and color pigments - PowertexcreationsHat made from Powertex Ivory, Stone Art and color pigments - Powertexcreations


Polishing :

Blue-stone effect with Powertex Grey and Stone Art - Powertexcreations

Apply Powertex Universal Medium (Grey is lovely for this technique but any color will give same effect) onto your statue, sprinkle Stone Art over it and use your flat bare hands to rub it off. Again, apply Powertex on the areas where you want to apply more Stone Art. Keep polishing and repeating this until the desired gloss is achieved. The more you do this, the darker the polished pieces.

Please note that if your projects are intended for outside, the powder will not stay.

Add some white color pigment to the Stone Art. When applying varnish, it will keep the white effect. Let your artwork cure by drying inside for at least 3 weeks before varnishing.

Powertex Grey is a great base to create a blue-stone effect.Homedecoration - Blue stone effect with Powertex grey and Stone Art


Creating structure in paintings :

Pour some Powertex Universal Medium onto your surface (canvas, Styrofoam Base, …), spread it out with a paint knife and scatter some Stone Art over it.

Press it into the wet Universal Medium so the Powertex can absorb the powder.  Use your flat fingers to rub off the excess in circular motions to create a fine texture. Repeat this until the desired thickness is attained.

You can also add color pigments and rub it in.

When you do not use any color or paint on top of this, we recommend adding a little Powercolor white for preventing the Stone Art to yellow after some time.

For heavily textured structures : repeat as described above, as often as necessary, until the desired structure has been achieved. Use the coarser waste of Stone Art again.