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Cheryl Boglioli Powertesx USA Distributor
Step into the vibrant realm of Powertex Products USA, where artistic expression flourishes and boundless creativity knows no limits.

Our story traces back to the roots of Powertex itself, a groundbreaking product born from the imaginative mind of Belgian artist and inventor, Brigitte Grade. With a passion for sculpture and a desire to innovate, Brigitte developed Powertex in the summer of 2001, creating a medium that would revolutionize the world of mixed media art.

Fast forward to the founding of Powertex Creations by Regine Dossche, who shared Brigitte's vision and brought her creation to the United States. Regine's tireless dedication and unwavering commitment transformed Powertex into a beloved staple of the arts and crafts community across the United States.

In October 2023, as Regine gracefully stepped into retirement, Cheryl Boglioli emerged as the new owner of Powertex Products USA. Cheryl's journey with Powertex began in 2014, where her collaboration with Regine ignited a passion for the medium and its transformative potential.

As an accomplished international mixed media artist and educator with over 14 years of experience, Cheryl brings a fresh perspective and boundless enthusiasm to the helm of Powertex Products USA. Her mission is clear: to honor the legacy of innovation set forth by Brigitte and Regine while fostering a vibrant community of artists and enthusiasts.

At Powertex Products USA, we are more than just a company—we are a collective of passionate creators united by our love for art and our shared belief in the power of Powertex to unleash boundless imagination. With Cheryl's guidance, we are dedicated to providing unparalleled customer service, nurturing creativity, and spreading awareness of this extraordinary medium throughout the United States.

Join us on this exhilarating journey as we continue to explore the endless possibilities of Powertex, painting the world with hues of inspiration and artistic wonder.
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