How to create a real Bronze look?

Create a real Bronze look with following dry brush technique.

Powertex Bronze looks like dark chocolate and need some highlighting with Colortrix Bronze Gold

 Artwork can be ‘brushed off’  when it is still a little damp.

 Dry pigments cannot attach to a dry surface. When you want to finish your artwork after a night of drying then you need a medium such as Easy Varnish to adhere the pigments. Dip a flat brush in a little Easy Varnish and mix with Colortricx Bronze gold. Wipe the excess off at a cloth or paper towel and gently paint on the folds. You will get the most beautiful result when using a soft brush and holding it flat, barely touching the folds.

Better to repeat this several times for a more intense result then to use a lot of pigment at once. You do not want to ‘paint’ your artwork, but only ‘highlight’.

 To create a more natural effect on the face you can mix Colortricx Bronze gold with a little Powertex Bronze.

It is important to always wipe the brush on a paper towel before applying the color.

Create extra highlight and dept by adding more pigment and paint over the higher parts.

If you want an antic bronze look : not only highlight with Bronze Gold but also with turquoise color pigment.

Protect your work space with plastic.

Rinse your paint brush immediately after use.

 Drybrush technique with Powertex Colortricx - metallic color