How to use Easy 3Dflex for sculpting and Mixed Media

Easy 3Dflex is a must have art material for Mixed Media artists. Together with Powertex one can create unique textures in paintings and sculptures.

Easy 3D flex is a natural nontoxic white powder (organic filling compound).

Mix Easy 3Dflex and Powertex with a scraper or palette knife to a smooth paste and apply with a palette knife on your canvas. (3-parts Easy 3Dflex – 1-part Powertex + less than 1- part water). This medium will show cracks when applied in a thick layer, by drying in the sun or close to a heat source.

However, cracks can be avoided by applying the paste in thin layers (1-part powder on 5 parts Powertex) with enough drying time in between, or by adding 3D Sand.

Easy 3D flex can also be used to thicken acrylic paints to achieve more textured effects in paintings.

Also use in combination with Bister. You will get the most amazing results.

Easy 3Dflex is not only used for paintings, but also as sculpting clay. When mixing an equal amount of Easy 3Dflex with Powertex you will have a thick paste that dries to the air and gets rock hard. This sculpting clay allows you to create unique sculptures that forms cracks when dried. Spray with Bister while still wet to create special effects.

One can create amazing textures by pressing stencils, stamps, seashells, rope, screws, buttons, etc...into the paste.

This product is natural and non-toxic but since it is a powder it can dry out the skin. We recommend wearing gloves or using hand cream.

Click here to shop Easy 3Dflex is available in 250g, 1 kg and 4 kg.Easy 3Dflex is a must have art material for Mixed Media Artists. In combination with Powertex one can create the most amazing effects.